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Different kinds of dog supplies available in our dog boutique

Dogahaves is the dog boutique for the modern and stylish dog and doglover. Are you looking for luxury dog gear and natural grooming products of high quality? We will help you with love and passion to find the perfect modern dog musthaves.

Luxury dog treats and real must haves

At Dogahaves you will find an extensive collection with the cutest dog stuff. Everything you need to pamper and care for your faithful four-legged friend. And to make sure he looks elegant and fashionable. We offer special dog accessories, such as dog collars, dog leashes,  a dog tag and dog cushions. In addition, you are also for dog grooming in our online store to the right place. And especially for puppies, you can find an extensive collection puppy supplies find, including puppy carry bags and puppy leashes. Want to give a gift but not sure which product from our collection of dog treats will appeal? Then select one of our gifts suggestions or gift vouchers To give away.

Quality & Style

In our webshop you won't find just any random dog stuff. We work together with brands Who develop exclusive dog gear of high quality. Like us, the brands offered Labbvenn, MiaCara, Mutts & Hounds, Dog With a Mission, Nordog, William Walker and Lila Loves It follow the latest international trends in luxury dog gear and natural dog care. Because we stay on top of the latest trends throughout the year, our collection stays up to date and we make sure you are the first to know about the latest dog must haves.

Dog & Interior

Want to buy beautiful dog furniture for your dog and your home? At Dogahaves you can buy the most exclusive dog furniture! Dogahaves has for every style of interior suitable dog stuff. Think modern, classic or Scandinavian interior. In our extensive collection you'll only find top quality products and durable materials. A beautiful and exclusive dog basketdog bed, dog blanket and dog cushion In this way, it can be a real addition to your interior. Create for your dog a safe and wonderful place to sleep or give him a place where he can enjoy his food.

Design dog food bowls

Want to buy a designer dog feeder for your interior? We at Dogahaves often see dog food bowls being snuck into the home. Time for a change! Dogahaves works together with the exclusive brands Labbvenn, MiaCara and DOGA, those minimalist design dog food bowls designs. Whether you want a dog food bowl made of concrete, stone, wood or on a stand, you'll find the perfect designer dog food bowl at Dogahaves! You can choose from grain-free dog food, gluten-free dog food, dry dog food and wet dog food. All our dog food bowls are suitable for all types of dog food and for young dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. The luxury dog food bowls are a true addition to your interior. From now on the dog bowl of your beloved four-legged friend may be seen. We continue to expand our collection of design dog food bowls with the latest trends, so stay tuned.

Exclusive dog beds

At dog boutique Dogahaves you can find very exclusive dog beds. Are you looking for a unique item for your dog? Then take a look in the category luxury dog beds. At our luxury dog beds you will find only designer dog furniture from the exclusive dog brands such as MiaCara, Labbvenn, Laboni and Lord Lou. Choose from various dog beds consisting of different materials and shapes, matching various interior styles. Think modern dog beds combined with steel. Or Scandinavian, minimalist dog beds with wooden details. But also trendy Bohemian rattan (wicker) dog furniture. A luxury dog bed is not only very comfortable for your dog, but also perfect for your interior. Don't dust off the dog spot in your interior, but combine it with your own interior style!

Dog treats for small dogs

Are you the proud owner of a small dog? At Dogahaves you'll find lots of luxury dog gear especially for small dogs, like for example a Dwarf Kitten, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Kaninchen Dachshund, Dwarf Dachshund, Maltese, Boomer and Miniature Pinscher. Consider comfortable and lightweight dog harnesses for small dogs, such as the Soft dog harness, T-dog harness and H-dog harness of the Dutch lifestyle brand DOGA. From a chest size of 26 cm there are matching luxury harnesses available. Dogahaves also has perfectly fitting collars for small dogs in its collection. Small dogs often have size XXS to S,. The exact size may vary by brand. Choose for example the Stone gray collar from DOGA in size S for your dog. To determine the right size, Dogahaves recommends measuring the chest or neck circumference of your small dog, so you're sure to order the right size dog harness or collar. Besides collars and harnesses, Dogahaves has plenty of other must-haves for small dogs. Think of fashionable and comfortable doggy bags and suitable design dog food bowls. But also trendy dog clothing and cozy baskets. Do you have any questions? Or would you like advice on which dog gear is most suitable for your small dog? Leave a message and we will contact you personally!

Dog equipment for large dogs

Dogahaves also has stylish and high quality dog gear for large dogs. For example, do you have a Husky, Labrador, Labradoodle, Border Collie or Rhodesian ridgeback? No problem! At Dogahaves you will find sturdy dog collars and dog harnesses in large sizes. Choose a sturdy leather, animal friendly vegan learning or a striking Ibiza nylon necklace or dog harness for your large dog. If your dog is very strong and pulls a lot we recommend the harness leather collars or dog harnesses from Dog With a Mission. These collars for large dogs are very strong! In addition to collars, leashes and harnesses, Dogahaves offers many solid dog gear for the home that are suitable for large dogs. Think sturdy dog baskets that are very comfortable for large dogs as well. Or sturdy dog food bowls that can take a beating and that your dog won't easily knock over. Feel free to leave a message behind if you would like advice on which dog treats are most suitable for your large dog.

Dog treats for puppies

At Dogahaves, you can find many trendy puppy dog supplies, so you and your new buddy can look radiant. We offer puppy dog treats from several exclusive brands, such as DOGA, Dog With a Mission, Mutts & Hounds, MiaCara, Labbvenn and Lila Loves It. So at Dogahaves you will find puppy collars and puppy harnesses in different styles and made of various materials and different colors. Matching lightweight dog leads are of course not missing from our collection. In addition to a stylish and practical walking set, a puppy basket or puppy cushion and various natural care products can't be missed. Would you like to carry your puppy in a bag? Then take a look at our range of puppy doggy bags. Whether you are looking for beautiful puppy stuff for your small Pomeranian, Dachshund and Chihuahua or for a larger puppy like a French bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Labradoodle and Labrador. In our dog boutique you will find suitable puppy supplies for all breeds. Once you have found the perfect dog supplies for your new puppy, it is important to determine the correct size. For this purpose, we have included a size guide with each product. This states what size goes with what product. Usually a puppy has the smallest size, but because there are also large puppies, we recommend always measuring the size with your puppy.

Complete dog walking set with poop bag holder

At Dogahaves you will find complete dog walking sets with poop bag holder. In our dog boutique, every dog collar a matching dog leash available. Often the walking set can be expanded with a matching poop bag holder for your dog. Do you also often forget to bring dog poop bags from home? A nice poop bag holder offers a solution! You go out with your dog several times a day to have fun, walk your dog and enjoy the outdoors. Poop bags are indispensable when walking your dog. Everyone appreciates a clean environment. However, you are not the only one who sometimes discovers that you have not brought something to clean up after your dog. To avoid annoying situations Dogahaves offers different designs of stylish poop bag holders made of (vegan) leather. Thanks to a nice poop bag holder you will never get into this annoying situation.

Luxury dog tags

Finally we can style our doggies with the luxurious dog tags from DOGA! A beautiful dog token is a wonderful accessory for your dog. Dogahaves has different types of luxury dog tokens, so there is always a token to match the collar and all other dog accessories. At Dogahaves you will find luxury gold dog tags, rose gold dog tags, silver dog tags and gun black dog tags.. You can easily attach the token to your dog's collar. The dog tags are not only fashionable but also practical. You can have Dogahaves personalize the dog tag with for example the name of your faithful companion and your phone number. This is durable and carefully processed by one of the best jewelers in the Netherlands that we work with. Let your dog shine with this unique piece of jewelry!

Blogs with tips and advice

Dogahaves has a special blog page With tips and advice for hip dogs and owners. They also write about fun activities for you and your dog! It's really nice to crawl on the couch with your dog once in a while looking for nice dog must haves and reading a blog and watching a vlog. The dog blogs of dog boutique Dogahaves are mainly about a beautiful life together with your dog! We blog about various dog breeds, for example, a Pomeranian, Pomeranian and Dwarf Kitten, French Bulldog, Labradoodle and Toypoodle. If you just picked up your Puppy or you are planning to get a puppy you can also come to Dogahaves for advice and supplies. We also give tips and advice on which dog stuff fits nicely in various interior styles. See for example the blog 'Beautiful dog baskets for this fall's hippest living styles'. Tip: Dog boutique Dogahaves also has a youtube channel With practical vlogs with tips on the products!

Story of Dogahaves

We think it is important that you can spoil your dog with doggy treats and grooming products that make you happy too. Therefore, there is a wide choice of different brands of dog treats. Dogahaves focuses on exclusive doggy treats that match your interior and outfits. "Let your best friend be your most beautiful and precious jewellery" is our statement. Dogs make us smile and make us intensely happy. As full-fledged family members, they experience many important moments in our lives. They belong to us and may be seen. Just like the dog stuff. That's what Dogahaves stands for. Elevating dog accessories like dog collars and dog pillows into jewelry for dog and owner. Want to know more about the story behind Dogahaves? Read more on the page About us.

Order at Dogahaves

In our webshop you can easily and quickly place an order. Choose from our collection of luxury dog supplies what you want to buy for your dog. Then go through the various steps in the ordering process. Did you know that orders over € 100 are delivered free in the Netherlands? For orders up to this amount you pay for a package up to 20 kilos in the Netherlands € 3.95 delivery fee and € 6.95 for Belgium. If a product is in stock it is normally delivered within 1-5 working days, so your four-legged friend can enjoy it right away. Thus we guarantee a fast delivery. Of course you can easily and safely pay via our site with all popular payment methods.

Dogahaves for luxury dog gear

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